Seedling Nursery

The Nursery (Viveiro, in portuguese) facilitates environmental education and the production and sale of native tree seedlings. As a result of its partnership with the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, the Nursery was inaugurated in 2009, initially to meet seedling production demand for the restoration of the Serra do Conduru State Park. With the infrastructure created, the Nursery continues to increase its production capacity and today is able to supply up to 100 thousand seedlings of forest species per year

Environmental Education – The Nursery is open to visitors interested in learning about the various stages of a reforestation: the choice of seeds, the development of seedlings, the necessary maintenance for the full growth of plants. It is possible to go through an educational ecotrail and see several species that inhabit the Atlantic Forest, including the Conduru, Pau-brasil and Pau d’arco. Annually, the site receives hundreds of visitors—students, academic researchers, local community members and tourists.

We are open to visitors from Monday to Saturday. Schedule a time at (73) 99950-4453. How to get there: for those coming from Ilhéus, the access is by Highway BA-001, following the coast to Serra Grande. From there, follow the unpaved road (Highway BA-653) connecting Serra Grande to Uruçuca for less than a kilometer.

Production and sale of seedlings – The seeds used in the Nursery are purchased from small farmers of the APA Costa de Itacaré-Serra Grande. There are more than 40 rural families associated with a network of seedlings identified by IFV, and they all benefit from the conservation of the forest. IFV’s team also offers technical assistance to these farmers so they can produce their own high-quality seedlings.

The seeds take from four to six months to completely develop into seedlings. In all, 117 native species are cultivated in the Nursery, some of which are threatened with extinction. These trees include Jussara, Jacarandá da Bahia, Pau-brasil, Pequi-preto and Maçaranduba.

To buy seedlings, call (73) 99950-4453. Options for payment and pickup can be discussed by telephone.

Academic Research Center – Since 2010, the Nursery has hosted a research program with the Ecology and Plant Physiology team of the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC). One of the main studies, coordinated by Professor Marcelo Mielke, examines the production viability of the Fruta de Paca plant, which has a huge potential economic value within the drug and cosmetic industry.

In 2016, Floresta Viva began a partnership with Brown University (USA) to begin monitoring reforestation practices in 3,000 small rural properties in Southern Bahia over five years. The Nursery will produce 190,000 seedlings for this initiative. Learn more!