Support to rural settlements

Completed project

Foto: Acervo IFV

Through an agreement with INCRA spanning 2008 through 2013, Floresta Viva analyzed eight rural settlements within the Central Atlantic Forest Corridor (CCMA). IFV helped plan and adapt the properties. There were four settlements in the Southern region of Bahia: Loanda and Rosa de Luxemburgo (Itajuípe), Açucena Remembrance (Camacan), Dom Helder (Ilhéus) and four in the Extremo Sul region: Paulo Freire, Lagoa Bonita, Jequitibá and Fazenda Esperança (Mucuri).

To better train environmental agents, IFV promoted environmental education through course offerings on forest seed collection (an alternative income generation for settlement dwellers) and other issues involving deforestation, hunting, garbage disposal and hygiene.