Representation of ELTI in Brazil

Ongoing Project

Foto: Curadooria site IFV

In 2017, the Forest School became the Brazilian base of the Environmental Leadership Training Initiative (ELTI) for the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. ELTI empowers people to restore and conserve tropical forests while implementing sustainable land management practices.

The goal of this partnership is to increase the quality and impact of the courses and trainings at Forest School. Two qualifications to be offered in 2017 already count on the ELTI curriculum qualification: Watershed Management and Forest rangers.





The courses offered through this partnership are: Introduction to Taxonomy and Botany, Agroforestry and Silviculture Systems, Interpretation of Maps and GPS, Forest Inventory, Ecological Restoration, and Seedling Production.

Forest rangers is a course for people interested in the identification of native species of the South of Bahia. A mateiro uses the five senses, as well oral ancestral knowledge of the people of the Atlantic Forest, to identify native plant species. The participants do not need to be botanists, and in the course we teach basic morphology and identification keys. They learn how to use an identification key to enter the woods and successfully identify species.

- Paulo Sangines, representative of ELTI in Brazil