Pau-Brasil (Brazil-wood)

Ongoing Project

Did you know that Pernambuco is the national tree of Brazil? Did you know its wood is the primary material used to build musical string instruments? For more than 250 years, Brazil-wood (Pau-Brasil) has been used to make violin bows.

Foto: Paulo Sanjines Barreiro

The International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (IPCI), an NGO with headquarters in the United States and branches in Germany and Canada, strives to reverse Brazilian forest degradation to avoid the extinction of this species.

One of this organization’s main programs was developed in Brazil with Ceplac (Executive Commission for the Cocoa Plantations) and a partnership with Floresta Viva. IFV is responsible for planting and monitoring the development of 12,000 seedlings on the Southern coast of Bahia. As the quality of planted seedlings depends on seed origin, IFV also devotes special attention to seed matrices identification (seed suppliers).