Águas da Serra

Ongoing Project

Foto: Paulo Sanjines Barreiro

The Anne Fontaine Foundation has devoted itself to the protection of the natural springs and rivers of the Serra do Conduru State Park region since 2013. IFV has partnered with the Foundation to create the Águas da Serra program, to invest in environmental education and watershed maintenance. IFV has already planted 10,000 seedlings in the region, including the area around the Pancadinha River Reservoir. This place is a primary leisure area for the community, who has benefited from landscape management and the shade of the trees planted by IFV.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, designer Anne Fontaine moved to France as a young woman. Although she lives far away, she has maintained a long-term commitment to the preservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. In December of 2016, she visited the Nursery of the Floresta Viva and had the opportunity to plant seedlings together with Serra Grande public school students.