Our cause

The primary focus of the Instituto Floresta Viva centers on the coast of Southern Bahia, a region between the cities of Valença and Mucuri. The region, known as the Atlantic Rainforest, used to be completely covered by dense ombrophylous forest. The organization strives to create a harmonious coexistence between the human being and the environment. This premise assumes responsibility for the preservation of biodiversity and the creation of opportunities for social development.

There are three priority areas that guide the actions of the IFV: Knowledge, Environmental Practices and Social-Environmental Engagement.

Knowledge: The Institute produces and promotes data and information on the conservation, preservation and restoration of the biodiversity of the South of Bahia and the Atlantic Rainforest biome, commonly in partnership with researchers, professors and students from universities in Brazil and other countries.

It is from the production of Knowledge that the IFV defines and amplifies its Environmental Practices. These include environmental restoration, technical advice and the production of seedlings of Atlantic Forest trees.

Floresta Viva has also studied the potential of tropical reforestation in Southern Bahia. This research is based on the cultivation of native species such as Jacarandá, Pau-brasil, Jequitibá rosa, Vinhático and Taipoca, whose expansion may contribute to the sustainable market for certified wood appropriate for building furniture, civil construction, shipbuilding, fencing of rural areas, landscaping and other purposes.

In addition, the IFV seeks to strengthen organizations, companies, networks, governments and public agencies in the regions where it operates. Social and environmental engagement is not only a characteristic of the Institute itself, but also a necessary feature if social actors hope to obtain desired social-environmental solutions.

Here, we should highlight our established relationships with other organizations of the Southern Coast of Bahia, such as Tabôa  – Community Empowerment, whose Management Council is chaired by Rui Rocha, IFV’s president. The IFV receives support from the Instituto Arapyaú , a philanthropic organization that invests in regional development. IFV also has a long relationship with the Embaúba Association of Organic Producers of the APA Costa de Itacaré-Serra Grande and with the Txai Resort.

It also participates in local councils and networks. Some of these include the Management Council of the APA Costa de Itacaré-Serra Grande, the PESC (Serra do Conduru State Park), the Boa Esperança Municipal Park and supports the registration of the local, private properties in the Esperança-Conduru Ecological Corridor.